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QBike is the web's leading CSE for bicycles, bike parts, apparel, and triathlon gear. It was established in 1998 as a side project, focusing on database technology and search techniques. The site was soon discovered by cyclists everywhere, and visitor volume reached 7,000 users per day.
 Snowboard Pricing
I partnered with a snowboard enthusiast to create this website in 2005. It quickly gained traction, since there was no CSE for snowboarding gear at that time, and snowboarding was certainly a sport on the move after its appearance in two Winter Olympics at that time.
 Ski Candy
On the heels of the success of Snowboard Pricing, I created Ski Candy to focus on only ski equipment. Soon, it surpassed SBP in terms of visitors and sales! I had taken a different approach to on-site SEO, and it paid off.
 Hike Space
I took over Hike Space in 2007. It was a project amongst 3 friends in San Francisco, coming on the tail of the MySpace craze. I had over 100,000 products from the top outdoors and camping stores listed within 1 week, and traffic took off. For the design, for the first time I tried a full picture background image for the body.
 Tool Pricer
I got a call in 2002 from three tool industry veterans in Seattle, WA. One of them was a cyclist and knew the QBike model, so we teamed up to start Tool Pricer. We didn't form enough manufacturer relations, so this website has been on the back burner for a few years now.
I saw this domain on eBay and couldn't resist! My initial idea was a retirement/financial planning website on the web, hence "netiry" was a good word. I've since re-purposed the site as my own.
 Small Amounts
I did a fundraiser in support of mother, who is a cancer survivor, and I used one of the popular online fundraising websites. I had the idea shortly after that micro-fundraising was a great idea - instead of people feeling they have to donate $20, $50, $100 or more, what about giving small amounts to a cause you care about? I was thinking in terms of raising money for little league baseball team uniforms, accepting donations an art project, etc. Turns out, there are a whole lot of micro-giving websites out there!
 Price Basis
I bought this domain on eBay because the name was such a great fit for the CSE space, and that is the primary type of website I run as my own businesses. After the launch of my handbags website, I used Price Basis as a complimentary website for shoes.
I bought this site for my friend Christina Chang, whose dog Angel is nicknamed Puppie-O. It was just for fun!
 Today's Bags
My friend, with her MBA background, convinced me with an 8-page research paper that handbags was a worthy online pursuit. I searched out a CSE in handbags or, more generally, in fashion, and I found none. So we build - I leveraged my QBike technology and set up affiliate relationships, and she got busy marketing online. The business took off way more quickly than I ever would have guessed!
 Pro Handlebars
This was my first foray into long tail specific websites. The genesis was researching Google Keywords and finding a keyword with between 5,000 and 15,000 monthly searches. I found "pro handlebars" and quickly tied that in with Ritchey, 3TTT, Zipp and other bicycle handlebars that matched by keyword. I put up a carbon themed websites, since carbon handlebars are always tops, and sure enough, the site ranked for quite a while for "pro handlebars" and related searched on Google.
See the My-CL Project page for more information about this website. In a nutshell, it was an email (and later SMS) alert system for Craig's List ads around the country, and peaked with 300 signed up users before I discontinued the site.
 Forum Deals
I got this site on a whim on eBay, and have never really done much with it. The idea was that it was a catch-all named site for deals on any sort of forum: cameras, guitars, bicycles, collectibles, anything! I envisioned a broad-based CSE instead of the usual niche CSE websites I typically own and build out.
 Word Whoppers
I Googled one day for "funny plays words with friends" and quickly realized, there was no website dedicated to Words With Friends plays. By plays, I mean funny or high-scoring word plays that people would want to share with others. I searched for a suitable website name, pinged many friends who play WWF, and finally came up with Word Whoppers. This was the first site I built that made use of a javascript voting scheme, and naturally I tried to tie it in heavily with Facebook. This is a perfect example of what is potentially a great website idea, executed fairly well, but in great need of that viral aspect, which I could not generate on my own.
 Bag Counter
I have always been in the habit of refusing plastic or paper bags when I check out at stores. I often say, "I carried it this far, I can carry it to my car!" which always gets a smile. I really wanted, but someone is squatting on it, so I settled for The idea was for people to be motivated to save one bag at a time, and to keep count of how many they'd saved, both individually and collectively. I pictured a U.S. map with a heat overlay and/or numeric overlay showing the bags saved by state. I imagined a leaders list showing who had saved the most bags. I had no idea how to monetize the site, nor did I really care at the outset - I just wanted to give people a fun way to stay motivated to save bags from casually making their way from stores to the trash dump.
 Nightmare Spray
My friend Robert Taylor turned me on to this website. On Etsy and other dedicated websites, there are all sorts of products to help kids get to sleep at night. I thought it would be fun to build the website first, try to market the product, and then figure out how to fulfill orders! Well, not exactly - I contacted a seller I found online and arranged a partnership. Turns out, Nightmare Spray doesn't exactly fly off the shelves! Still, a fun idea and a fun website to build.
 Try-Us Painting
I offered my house painter in San Francisco a website in partial payment for painting. He accepted, I built the website, and then he gave it back to me. Now I just need to find another Try Us Painting business that needs a website! And they are out there...
This is related to a secret project I'm working on. And that's all I have to say about that!
 Q Massage and Spa
Q Massage and Spa is located in Fort Lauderdale, FL, and I built the website and a suite of back-end tools for operations.
 Worden Roofing
My friend Tim Worden and I have known each others for years, and he has always been extremely helpful to me in Charlotte, NC. So I built him two websites to lend credence to his company name and his skillset. Also, I created a set of Craig's List ads for him to use, complete with HTML layouts, images, etc. It was a great combo, having a website and professional looking online ads, and his business continued to grow after his website launched. The best part was when he got that first out-of-the-blue phone call from a potential client who said he found his company on Yahoo! Maps. Score one for my localization SEO work!
 Worden Repairs
See Worden Roofing. I used the same website layout, but focussed of course on the handyman repair aspect of Tim's business.
 Koan Int'l
I helped a client build her website to display her scarf designs. She did most of the design work, and I did the deployment, SEO, and testing for her.
 Elli & Oli Dog Walking
I built this website for a friend in Oakland, CA, who needed a website to backup her credentials as a dog walker.
 Gotta Sell
This website belongs to Robert Taylor, and I designed it for him as a landing site for Craig's List and other ads targeted to people that are "gotta sell" their houses, condos, or other real estate.
 Photo Booth For Good
I built this site for Martha Castillo and her son Hunter, who had just acquired a photo booth. They were early adopters in this business trend which has since taken off, and the website helped support their marketing efforts.
 USOC Recovery Center
This website was the result of a 6-month project with the United States Olympic Committee.
 USOC Medical
After I completed the USOC Recovery Center, I was hired on to build a partner site for the medical team, one that would integrate with the first system.
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