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Whenever possible, I enjoy leveraging open source solutions. There are so many advantages, not the least of which is keeping costs in check. From a purely code-based standpoint, open source repositories and distributions are generally cutting edge code, are kept up-to-date, and there are plenty of discussions about applications, reported problems, and solutions to deployment issues.

My favorite open source solutions include these:

  • SOLR - optimized search technology built by Apache
  • Twitter Bootstrap - HTML, CSS, and JS framework for rapid and standardized website development
  • Image::Magick / convert - perl modules for image manipulation
  • R - a GNU project based on the commercial S statistical software
  • Magento Community Edition - total e-commerce solution including front end, themes, back end tools, integration with Paypal and more

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Latest news

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    QBike Store 1,000th Sale
    QBike just surpassed 1,000 sales
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