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* Technology industry background including management and development
* Experience in hiring, managing, and leading teams of up to 10 engineers
* Have created and managed 30+ websites, including Computers.com while
  at CNET Networks and QBike.com as my own business
* Implementation of customized back-end tool sets for many clients, including
  the United States Olympic Committee
* Have carried out custom statistical analysis for many corporate clients,
  spanning sport science, inventory management, resource allocation, etc.
* Programming experience in: R, Perl, SQL, ksh, bash, Python, Magento, 
  Hadoop, Pig, Hive, Sybase, Oracle, HTML, CSS, JS


August 2014 - Present
Senior Statistical Data Scientist
San Mateo, CA

- Design models focused on conversion, retention, and churn
- Work with university researchers to define a new LTV model
  appropriate for the Roblox user access and purchase pattern
- Defined ARIMA and linear regression models for MAU forecasting
- Created and maintain Naive Bayes game alert system to help
  game administrators to identify potentially problematic games
  on the site
- Created game and item recommenders using Mahout
- Work with product leads to define and report on key metrics

January 2014 - August 2014
A/B Testing Specialist
Office Depot Corporate
Boca Raton, FL

- Review test specifications and hypothesis statements with team leads
- Specify traffic requirements and qualification criteria
- Provide in-depth statistical analysis of A/B test results, including
  bootstrapping revenue data for statistical tests
- Designed A/B Test Dashboard, introducing confidence intervals for
  conversion and revenue results to provide decision guidance

October 2006 - Present
Owner / Webmaster
Fort Lauderdale, FL

- Maintain all technical aspects of the www.qbike.com search engine as well
  as the store.qbike.com retail operations website
- Established B2B relationships with 45 bike and triathlon shops
- Manage all marketing, advertising, billing and accounting

May 2007 - November 2008
United States Olympic Committee
Colorado Springs, CO

- Worked with the Recovery Center team to design a scheduling system
  for Olympic athletes and service providers
- Implemented the web-based system using Perl and MySQL; deployed
  and managed the website and data for 2 years

March 2002 - October 2006
Vice President, Technology
Sports Potential Inc.
Menlo Park, CA

- Worked on core team to define and carry out logistical planning for
  the product repertoire that would be offered to adults and kids
- Assembled team of 4 engineers, web designers, and graphic artists
  to create and render the performance results website for clients,
  personal trainers, and staff
- Teamed with bio-statisticians at Stanford University to create and
  implement the underlying data model to rate subjects' core abilities
  and to recommend matching sports and activities
- Launched the Sports Potential test protocols for adults and kids
  in 4 markets across the U.S.

October 2001 - February 2002
Research Analyst
Triton Containers Inc.
San Francisco, CA

- Carried out a statistical analysis of container distribution and
  "idle time" metrics for containers in ports around the world
- Used R to model inventory levels, price algorithms, and "idle time"
  data to determine if container distribution was optimal

February 1997 - September 2001
Director of Technology
CNET Interactive
San Francisco, CA

- Started as Logical Database Designer for www.computers.com, defining
  and creating 4 production Sybase databases for the site launch in mid-1997
- Served as Principal Database Architect for 2 years
- Was Director of Technology for www.news.com and investor.cnet.com,
  managing a team of 10 engineers in San Francisco, CA and Boulder, CO

August 1995 - February 1997
Database Architect / Senior Engineer
Cambridge Technology Partners
Seattle, WA + San Ramon, CA

- Worked at Microsoft Corp. in Seattle, WA for 4 months,
  carrying out data analysis on nightly data feeds to uncover
  any statistical patterns or anomalies
- Co-designed the Oracle database for the ORGIS project at
  Pacific Bell Telesys in San Ramon, CA - worked on SQL, stored
  procedures, and integration issues with a team of 15 engineers

November 1993 - August 1995
Data Analysis Manager
Advanced Promotion Technologies
Pompano Beach, FL

- Performed one-on-one database marketing analysis for customers
  using the Vison Value Network in 650 supermarkets around the U.S.
- Proposed and delivered coupon offerings to be promoted to our
  strategic partners (P&G, Philip Morris) and to be offered to
  the 6,000,000 card members
- Managed a team of 3 staff to analyze data and to create reports

August 1990 - August 1992
Tuskegee University
Tuskegee, AL

- Taught mathematics (finite math, algebra, trigonometry) to
  720 students over 2 years
- Served on the textbook selection committee; served on the
  hiring committee in my second year
- Coached the men's club tennis team and assistant coached
  the women's club volleyball team


M.A., Statistics
Indiana University, 1990
Bloomington, IN

B.S. with Honors, Mathematics
Davidson College, 1988
Davidson, NC

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