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I created two websites for the USOC over the course of 2 years:

  • Recovery Center
  • Medical Staff

Both sites were built in pure HTML with javascript and AJAX. The challenging part of the Recovery Center project was building the booking system, which had to tie together data from three sources. It was written completely in perl. The Medical Staff system came later, and it had to be integrated with the Recovery Center codebase especially where regards athlete information.

Recovery Center

This application has a fairly complex login system that allowed for staff, therapists, athletes, and management to all login through the same single login screen. Once logged in, each person had different abilities on the site depending on their role.

The booking system relies primarily on calendar views. One of the big challenges was how to display an entire month of facility room usage on a single screen. I devised a color-coding scheme whereby, at a glance, staff and administrators could visually see the overall booking level, where there were "hot spots" of activity, and could easily drill down by day for detailed information.

There are some complex rules regarding how often athletes can book services and how to handle schedule changes and cancellations. This was a tricky design that was handled by carefully designing the screen flow and implementing the rules along the way to make sure that therapists or athletes, while logged in, only carried out actions that were allowable.

On top of all that, I build a reporting system to show monthly facility usage and spending. This system is configurable to go out to specific email addresses by sport as required. The reports are almost all text-based, with a few using HTML-encoding for email delivery.

Medical Staff

The medical staff for each sport needs to get data from the Recovery Center in order to have the most relevant information available to them. I created a system which allows two-way communication via an interface and allows tracking of notes over time. It also allows for staff to make specific timely comments on athletes' recovery while making use of the facility.

United States Olympic Committee United States Olympic Committee

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